Vimer is the leading visual merchandising agency in Brazil with more than 10 years in the retail market. I led the rebrand on their tenth anniversary.
The Spark
I worked as Art Director and Visual Designer at Vimer. A company with deep ties into the retail market through great campaigns and scenography but that lacked a visually compatible identity. After 10 years, the brand who was young, fun and energetic grew up and needed a more mature presentation without missing it’s core values.
Believing that the brand could do more if had a better branding I decided to dig into the heart of the company and bring its true identity. It was a time to position itself differently to better represent the stakeholders and convey the experience to their clients and prospects.
The Process
I interviewed team members and the directors to grasp what the company currently was and what their vision. Through a personality survey it was clear how to brand had changed.
People saw Vimer as a extension of its founder, Camila Salek. Just like her, the brand was feminine but became more strong, knowledgeable and decisive. At the same time, Vimer needed to distance herself from her and create its own identity and personality.
I went delved into researching what could convey these characteristics and yet talk with their clients. Mannequins were the first obvious choice, yet they were related only to storefront design, something that represented the earlier days of Vimer.
Sketching and Thinkering
Vimer was a multi-capacity agency, going from wayfinding, to windows and store design and plans to keep growing. Choosing a service or an element to represent it was always lacking.
While exercising what symbolize Vimer I found two species of birds with unique characteristics: Flamingos and Peacocks.They are the species of birds more similar to humans in terms of mating. Instead of fighting or competing like most avians, they are exhibitionists. They enjoy showing themselves, their colors and poses to attract better mates.
While working on the brand, Vimer created the first store overseas for one of their clients, in Miami. While I was travelling there I noticed that Flamingos were like a symbol for the city.
Everything clicked: Miami was the first international bridge for Vimer offering services abroad and this would a great mark to represent the maturity without losing its signature irreverence.
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